Dental Bridges in Hillsborough, NJ

Dental Bridges in Hillsborough, NJ

If you are missing several teeth in your mouth, you can restore the functioning of your teeth with a dental bridge. Even for one tooth, a bridge tooth replacement can be a very good thing. You may not think much of your missing tooth, or teeth, but it is a serious issue.

Your teeth are meant to work as one, so losing a tooth throws off the system and teeth may shift out of place. This can cause pain and possibly damage to the teeth as well as problems with the joints in the jaw. Bone loss also occurs, resulting in facial collapse and leading to a less youthful appearance.

At Hillsborough Smiles, you can restore your smile with dental crowns and bridges that allow you to speak, eat, and sleep comfortably. There are several types of tooth bridge attachments that can be installed on your teeth, so they look healthy and function like natural teeth.

Fixed Bridge

This is a bridge that uses your natural teeth on both sides of the area missing teeth to hold it in place securely. Your dentist will get an impression of your mouth and construct a bridge for you. Until it is done being designed, you will have a temporary dental bridge installed to protect your teeth. Once it is complete, your bridge will be fitted and cemented onto your teeth.

Dental Implant Bridge

Bridges supported by implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone without the need for support from teeth surrounding the area. Implants are allowed to heal, and then the bridge is attached to the implants for stability. You can enjoy secured implants and restore the structure to your teeth and their alignment.

There are also options for patients to get a denture bridge or porcelain bridge, depending on what may be best for your teeth and overall oral health. Speak with a Hillsborough Smiles dentist in your area about your missing teeth to get a thorough examination of what might be best for your teeth and gums. You can find a Hillsborough Smiles dentist in Bridgewater, Manville, Somerville, Bradley Gardens, Bound Brook, and Raritan, NJ.

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