Family Dental Services in Hillsborough, NJ

Family Dental Services in Hillsborough, NJ

When you step into the family dentistry in Hillsborough, Hillsborough Smiles, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect place for your family’s care.

Our team loves helping kids grow into healthy adults. At either end of the age spectrum, the bases are covered. The family dentist near you at Hillsborough Smiles know that early experiences influence the value kid’s place on their oral health as adults. And they choose to seek or avoid future care by how they’re treated now. Rest assured, the bar sits high here.

The services offered at Hillsborough Smiles ensure that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the earliest check-ups to the management of orthodontic decisions, the family dentist at Hillsborough Smiles will listen to your concerns and guide you through every stage.

Children’s Dentistry

Helping our youngest patients grow into healthy young adults is a highlight for our team. Children undergo constant growth and development that present special challenges for an optimal outcome. And childhood tooth decay can create a lifetime of problems often avoided with an early preventive plan.

From an early age, young children are especially vulnerable to tooth decay. Among children aged 2 to 11, almost half have experienced tooth decay. Likewise, nearly a third of children 9-11 years old have sustained cavities in their permanent teeth. As a result, baby teeth should be cared for as soon as the child’s first teeth begin to appear. Each child should receive a full dental exam no later than their first birthday. From that point onward, we recommend that they receive visits every six months, the same as anyone else in your family. This will allow us to monitor your child’s teeth more closely, so we can offer more detailed guidance for any extenuating circumstances that should arrive.

Teen’s Dentistry

As every parent knows, the teen years can bring about challenges of their own. The accelerated physical development that occurs during these years can have a profound impact on their oral health. Their increased independence can also create new eating and drinking habits that can negatively impact their dental hygiene. Proper parental involvement can assist teens in maintaining their oral care to prevent long-term harm from neglect that can result in gum inflammation and cavities.

Scheduling a preventative check-up every six months can allow us to guide your teen and support your efforts at home. Receiving this advice in a professional setting can be even more effective. If you have any questions about your family’s dental care, please do not hesitate to give us a call; we serve patients from Bridgewater, Manville, Somerville, Bradley Gardens, Bound Brook and Raritan.

Other Services

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