Invisalign<sup>TM</sup> in Hillsborough, NJ

InvisalignTM in Hillsborough, NJ

When it comes to fixing misaligned teeth one of the most favored solutions is InvisalignTM. There are many advantages to InvisalignTM braces over traditional braces. The key to getting the right InvisalignTM aligners is having a skilled professional help you develop a plan for straightening the teeth and getting the proper InvisalignTM trays ready for you or your children. In Hillsborough NJ, Hillsborough Smiles has qualified dentists here to create a plan just right for your smile.

There are several reasons people are choosing InvisalignTM over traditional braces. Keeping braces clean is difficult, braces can cut up the inside of the mouth, and many people want a more discrete method for straightening their teeth. For kids playing sports, braces require different mouthguards, and in contact sports they can cause a lot of bleeding.

Cleaning InvisalignTM pieces is very easy. In fact, many people who choose InvisalignTM are relieved at how easy it is to take care of the trays. Because the trays are disposable, there’s no need to constantly go into the dentist to get them readjusted the way you would with traditional braces.

The treatment time for InvisalignTM is roughly the same as traditional braces without as much discomfort and hassle. There will be discomfort when starting a new tray, but it is important to keep the trays in for at least 22 hours a day. This will promote properly aligned and healthy teeth.

Getting InvisalignTM services is easy at Hillsborough Smiles. Get the right smile you have always wanted today by visiting us and learning more about InvisalignTM.

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