Root Canal Treatment in Hillsborough, NJ

Root Canal Treatment in Hillsborough, NJ

If you have never had a root canal performed by a Hillsborough Smiles dentist, then you may be wondering “What’s a root canal?” A root canal is a treatment performed by your dentist to remove infected or inflamed tissues from the canal of the affected tooth. If the tissue is not removed, further problems may develop, and patients may experience severe pain and difficulty chewing, drinking, speaking, or sleeping.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

There are several reasons for a root canal, but the main reason is to relieve discomfort and pain that is associated with root canal infections and inflammation. Your Hillsborough Smiles dentist will do a few things in order to determine whether or not you are in need of root canal treatment.

Tap on the tooth. A tooth root canal that is infected is prone to sensitivity when it is touched or when pressure is applied.

Do an x-ray. Your root canal specialist may do an x-ray of your teeth to determine how far any present infections have spread and how to best treat the issue.

Perform a CT scan. This scan can also be done to determine the extent of an infection in the tooth root and surrounding areas, such as the neck.

Root Canal Treatment Steps

After your dentist has determined your tooth is in need of a root canal, the tooth and surrounding area will be numbed with local anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, a dental dam will be applied to the tooth in order to keep the infection from spreading during treatment for the root canal. Your dentist will clear the canal of the tooth, rinse the area, then apply a filling inside the canal to protect and seal it. Once you have healed from the procedure, a crown may be put over the tooth to keep it from damage and fractures.

A root canal is not as scary as it sounds, and you are in good hands at our dental facility. Hillsborough Smiles has additional dental clinics located in Bridgewater NJ, Bradley Gardens, Raritan, Somerville, Manville, and Bound Brook, NJ.

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